Almighty God, let the cries of the million of murdered children reach the hearts and minds of men, and help them in their eternal struggle with the forces of evil, darkness and prejudices. Let the cries of those innocent, helpless creatures help man understand that he is created from dust and to dust he returns, leaving behind him only, his good name created by his deeds.

Plea to Our Visitors - Please say a Prayer for the Holocaust Victims


They struggled to survive and then struggled to forget their tragedies, to rebuilt their shatterred lives , and to keep their faith in humanity.

  1. Memoriam for a Holocaust Survivor - Dr. Oscar Trief-- A physician, cantor, singer, actor who met life's trials and tribulations with a smile.
  2. Frances Engelberg-- A real survivor who survived so many personal tragedies
  3. Chaja Weinwurzel-- A real proverbial woman of valor.



  1. Introduction
  2. Holocaust - Apocalyptic Warning
  3. Antisemitism, Demonization & Holocaust
  4. Hilter, Demonization and the Holocaust
  5. Direct Causes of the Holocaust
  6. Why Did Ordinary Men Kill?
  7. Jewish Scapegoats


  1. Source of Antisemitism - Tom Macabi
  2. Blueprint for the Holocaust - Prof. Robert Michael
  3. President Roosevelt's Anti-Semitism - Prof. Robert Michael
  4. Other Victims of Anti-Semitism
  5. Archetype Demonization of the Jews
  6. Holocaust and Anti-Semitism
  7. Polish Anti-Semitism
  8. The Ten Commandments Dichtomy


  1. Holocaust and Collective Conscience
  2. Holocaust Prism
  3. Holocaust - Guilt and Resposibility I
  4. Holocaust - Guilt and Resposibility II
  5. Uniqueness of the Holocaust
  6. Nazi Legacy - Contempt for Humanity
  7. Holocaust and the Law
  8. Holocaust and Jewish Properties
  9. The Miraculous Rebirth of the Jewish People
  10. Holocaust - Failure of a Civilization.
  11. Holocaust Legacy
  12. Can It Happen Again?
  13. Holocaust and Jewish Exclusivity.
  14. America and the Holocaust.
  15. Trial of French Collaborator - Papon
  16. Sublime Revisionism
  17. The Jews and the Germans (GOLDHAGEN IS WRONG!)
  18. The Jews and the Poles
  19. Facing Revisionists
  20. Holocaust Remembrance Day - Suggested Organization.


  1. Pope Pius XII
  2. Understanding of Pius XII
  3. Jewish Christian Reconciliation
  4. Holocaust - Kingdom of Evil
  5. Vatican, Jews & Christianity
  6. Holocaust Myths
  7. Holocaust and Christianity
  8. Christian Victims


  1. Saving Jews
  2. Holocaust Myths - Nazi Paganism


We praise You, O God, Ruler of the Universe, who made us captives of Hope.


Sometimes, I don't believe my own stories. Did it really happen to me?

  1. Autobiographical Notes - Memories from the Ghetto.
  2. The Shtejtl - Podhaitse
  3. My World Collapses
  4. The Russians Are Coming
  5. How did the "Shtejtl" survive
  6. My First Kaddish.
    Prayer at a mass grave with some of the victims still alive.
  7. Out of the Grave
    She came out of a mass grave, to die in the gas chambers.
  8. The Yom Kippur Action
    The Germans always struck on a fasting holiday.
  9. The Baby
    The baby, born in a bunker, was supposed to be a kiss of death.
  10. Building of a new bunker
  11. The Collapse of the Bunker
  12. I Almost Killed the Angel of Death.
    I stood in front of a SSman, with a gun in my pocket, but I did not shoot. Why?
  13. Escape from the Ghetto
  14. In Hiding
  15. The Liberation.
    For two months we hid, in a compound of the German Police, undetected.
  16. Hanukkah in a Concentration Camp


  1. Poetry
    Poetry, with the all the images and emotions it induces, helps in understanding the Holocaust tragedy. -"The mass grave steaming with vapors of blood."
  2. Holocaust Prayer
  3. Creed of a Holocaust Survivor

  4. Poetry by Lois Olena
    An Archivist, moved by the eyewitness reports she transcribes, writes moving Holocaust poetry.



The Holocaust is widely known but little understood. To understand this enormous tragedy we have to find the answers to basic questions:

  1. What Happened?
  2. Who Ordered the Killings?
  3. Why Were the Jews Killed?
  4. The War Against the Jews.
  5. Who Organized the Holocaust?
  6. Anti-Semitism
  7. Victims of Anti-Semitism.


The war against the Jews was conducted with military precission, using an array of weapons:


The Nazi State was a state without structure, resting solidly on four pillars:

  1. Hitler's Popularity Hitler was a charismatic German leader, adored by the masses.
  2. Propaganda Lies frequently repeated, were accepted as the truth.
  3. Terror Terror was supplied by the SS, Gestapo, and the myriad of police organizations.
  4. Blind Obedience Blind obedience was required and received from all Germans.
  5. Hijacking Of the Nazi Revolution
    Popularity-Terror-Propaganda-Obedience were the pillars that supported Hitler's rule.


  1. Hitler the Phenomena Despite outward appearance of strength, Hitler was a weak, paranoid coward, driven by powerful passions.
  2. Hitler and the Jews Hitler had little contact with Jews, but hated them passionately. Why?
  3. Hitler the Syphilitic Syphilis, explains his behavior, paranoia, detachment from reality, explains Hitler's behavior.
  4. Conclussions A powerful nation followed deranged leader, on a warpath of destruction. Why?


The Jews survived until Hitler came along. What happened? Why did the survival mechanism, that worked so splendidly for 2000 years, fail? What were the tools of survival?

  1. The Law The extended religious Laws, took precedence over local secular laws, helped in preserving the national identity.
  2. Symbolic State The Royalty of the Torah and the Dream of Return to Zion were the symbols of a homeland.
  3. Martrydom - Kiddush Hashem Ancient military traditions were suppressed , substituted with the acceptance of martyrdom.
  4. Decentralization Lack of central authority helped in adjustment and fostered self-reliance in normal times but were a hinderance during emergencies.
  5. Jewish Values Strong family ties and communal spirit, were necessary for survival. Armed resistance, heroism, military prowess were pushed into the background.
  6. The Holocaust Syndrome
  7. Jewish Resistance
  8. Forgotten Heroes of the Holocaust
  9. Other Genocides


To understand the Holocaust and the secret of Hitler's success in destroying the European Jewry we have to consider the behavior of the Bystanders nations, during this crucial period. The rate of survival depended on a simple fact. Did the Bystander (host) nations help the Germans or did they help the Jews.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Germans
  3. Poland
  4. The Ukrainians
  5. France
  6. Denmark
  7. The Italians
  8. The Croatians
  9. The Allied Powers
  10. The Churches
  11. Courageous Christians
  12. Schindler the Man and the Symbol
  13. The Noble Rescuers


  1. The Inferno- Death is hard, harder are the moments before death....
  2. Children of the Holocaust - In their short lives, they never knew joy. .
  3. The Survivors - How did they make it?
  4. Forgotten Memories -The past that is hard to remember, and hard to forget.
  5. The Last Sermon- The sermon delivered before the shooting
  6. The Jumper-To jump the Death Train he had to kill....
  7. Lovers and Enemies-He was a German deserter, she the daughter of a a Rabbi
  8. Shlojme the Balagule
  9. The Fall of Sevastopol


The Verdict - A Holocaust Drama


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  2. A Selection from Our E-mail-- It is nice to know...
  3. Bibliography